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Life Safety

Water Sensors and Leak Detection—Do You Need Them?

Those new to home security and home automation have to go through a process of evaluating features and deciding which ones will most benefit them, their family, and their home. One of the features that gets considerable though is water and leak detection. On the surface, it might seem like this is something easy to…

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Welcome Home. Top Ways Home Automation Salutes Disabled Veterans

There is no question that disabled veterans deserve our utmost respect. They have risked all to preserve our freedom, and given up so much in the process. Often times that includes everyday freedoms they once enjoyed in their own homes. Today, veterans and their families can leverage the immense power of home automation technologies to…

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Fire Safety: It’s Time for the 3 Minute Talk

We like to keep our blogs informative and as lighthearted as possible when talking about something as important as safety and security. Sometimes though, there are issues we need to address hard on because they are far too important to ignore. That is the case today in talking about the time it takes to escape…

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Can Home Automation Play a Role in Fire Safety?

Nobody wants to focus on all of the “what ifs” in life, but thinking about the possibility of a home fire can help you be proactive and ultimately either prevent a fire, or limit the damage caused by fire.  The fact is, a fire event can happen to anyone, in any home, at any time;…

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Medical Alert Devices to the Rescue

Are monitored medical alert systems really necessary? Nobody wants to think that an accident or injury could happen to them. The truth is, however, that sickness, accident or injury that causes incapacitation is a real possibility for everyone and the possibility increases as we age.  In this age of incredible technology, we believe that utilizing…

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