Leaving Home for the Holidays? 3 Steps to Keeping it Secure

Leaving Home for the Holidays? 3 Steps to Keeping it Secure

This year, almost 50% of Americans are planning to travel during the holidays. That makes this the ideal time to remind our Staten Island home security customers how they can elevate their security when they’re away from home. Whether it’s one night or one week, if your family will be leaving home for the holidays, take these steps to fortify your property before and during your trip. 

Enlist Some Help 

One of the best ways to make your home less vulnerable to a break-in is to keep it occupied when you are away. Hiring a housesitter can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you’re asking a trusted friend or family member. Often, a responsible young adult can be hired at a negotiable price that works with your budget. If you choose to have smart locks installed, you can give your housesitter their own temporary code to enter while they’re staying in your home. By enlisting this help, you can make sure that criminals who look for homes to break into during the holidays are far less likely to target your property. 

Get Extra Eyes

Having a housesitter is a great first step, but what happens when they have to leave for the day or go out at night? There’s only one way to know for sure: video surveillance. By having home security cameras installed inside and out, you can get the extra eyes you need on your property during your holiday getaway. Ask us about weather proof, military grade home security cameras that are motion triggered so that you receive a real-time alert when human activity is detected.

If there’s a break-in, your alarm will also be triggered, and your emergency can receive a prioritized police response because of the video verification. 

Connect to Home 

Going away for the holidays can be a great opportunity to unplug from work and stress. However, it’s never a good idea to fully disconnect from the place you call home. Even if a housesitter is staying there, it’s important to swipe on any alerts you receive regarding your home security system. You can view live video from your cameras, see when your housesitter is coming and going, and even arm and disarm your system. By staying connected to home, you can feel better about being away from it and enjoy your trip even more. 

If you’re planning a holiday getaway this year, following these steps can make a major difference in the security of your home. To speak with a company that Staten Island home security customers have trusted for more than 30 years, call Alarmingly Affordable this holiday season. We look forward to assisting you. 

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