Put Your Home on Autopilot in 2020

Home Automation

It’s almost that time when people start letting their New Year’s resolutions slide. If you don’t want to be one of them, you’ll need technology to be on your side. One of the most valuable technologies to make it happen is smart home automation technology, which fulfills some of your most intricate tasks with a single tap on your smartphone. Imagine how it might help your family in this ordinary, quiet-night-at-home scenario:

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Why Fake Home Security Cameras Aren’t Your Friend

are fake security cameras effective

From childhood stories on mythological home intruders, to the more mature myths passed around by adults, urban legends about security seem to get new life with every generation. One example of a home security urban myth passed around by adults: “You don’t need real cameras; fake security cameras do the same thing.”

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Retired Criminal Confessions: How To Prevent Burglary

burgalr alarm systems staten island

Sometimes, people who have retired from crime have some very good tips on preventing home burglary. It’s always interesting to find out what kind of obstacles ex-criminals came across “back in the day,” when committing burglaries was their day job. What were the kinds of things that deterred them from following through on their plans? We have a few of them here for you.

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What If A Burglar Breaks My Window?

burglar alarm systems staten island

It makes sense to question the necessity of glass break detection – after all, aren’t motion detectors enough? In some cases, they may be. But what if you have glass on your front door, or a sliding glass door in the rear of the house? In either of those cases, an intruder may see breaking the glass on one of those doors as his fastest way to enter. And if he does, then glass break detection will be the first technology in your system to intervene.

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