The Year to Go Pro with Home Security

There’s nothing inherently wrong with DIY home security. After all, some home security is better than none. But if a DIY system was your “starter” home security experience, that doesn’t mean it should be the only home security you ever use. 

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Protecting Your Home at the Holidays

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a successful holiday season. To improve your chances of achieving one this year, follow these tips to keep your home protected from burglary and other crimes. 

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Fine Tuning Your Home Security Habits

In some neighborhoods, homeowners have very few worries about crime. If that’s the case on your street, it’s nice to roll out the welcome mat for your neighbors — but proceed with caution, because small oversights can lead to big consequences. Here are some tips for fine tuning your home security habits. 

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The Broad Appeal of Smart Locks

Smart locks are getting more popular every year — popular with 4 million homeowners, to be exact. That alone shows that today’s homeowners understand the value of keyless entry into the home. Unlike a traditional lock that requires a house key, a smart lock gives you access to your house with your smartphone or a numeric code you punch in. 

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Smart Lighting, Smarter Home

A smart home security system lets you manage your alarm and locks from anywhere conveniently with a mobile app. But if you don’t have smart lighting included, there’s something (actually, many things) missing from your system. Here’s what they are. 

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Programs to Help You Save on Utilities this Summer

Smart Thermostat

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about ways to stay cool indoors without spending too much money. If you have a smart thermostat, you’re already saving money, because the Z-Wave® enabled thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your security system. This means that in the hot summer months, your HVAC system can cool the house down while you’re home — but when you leave for the day, the thermostat intelligently sets back the moment you arm your system. 

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Reasons to Go Pro with Home Security this Year

Handyman installing security camera

If you’ve already had a do-it-yourself home security experience, then you know that it’s nothing more than a basic burglar alarm – “basic” being the operative word. In 2021, many families are determined to put more time, energy and investment into their homes (after all, we’re spending more time at home than ever right now).

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New Year’s Resolutions and Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security for the New Year

After the stress of the past year, 2021 calls for being kind to ourselves while sticking to our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you resolved to eat healthier, get more sleep or take a class on Zoom. Hopefully, there are also resolutions that include your home and family. If so, here are a couple of ways your smart home security can help you spend precious time with loved ones and enjoy your home more this year.

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