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Archive for July 2017

Do You Believe These Home Security Camera Myths and Misconceptions?

Home security camera systems are more common than ever, but many myths and misconceptions about them prevail. Since security cameras are intended to enhance safety, what you believe about them can seriously impact the overall effectiveness of your security system. If you are considering opting in to a home security system, or upgrading an existing…

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Home Many Security Cameras Should I Have?

Home security technologies have become more advanced, affordable, and widely available than ever before. They have been proven to be a crime deterrent and homes without security systems are as much as 300% more likely to be broken into than those with security systems in place. They also add untold convenience and peace of mind.…

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4 Ways Your Home Security Benefits the Community

When a person gets a home security system, the primary reason is to protect their family and home. It’s a good idea, because home security serves as an important and effective deterrence. Of those burglars polled, 60% say they would avoid a home with visible signs of a home security system. But did you know…

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