Lower Your Utility Bills This Summer with Smart Thermostats

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As summer heads our way and temperatures climb, so will those electric bills. Saving energy is one significant reason for automating your home’s systems such as heating and cooling. A smart thermostat can save you substantial money on your cooling and heating bills.

Smart Thermostats Work with Your Home Security System to Save Money

Smart thermostats integrate with your home security system for the ultimate combination in home automation. Certain security features such as window sensors trigger the thermostat to minimize energy waste when a window is left open. The intelligent thermostat automatically sets the system to energy saving mode or sets the temperature back.

The homeowner will receive an alert on their smartphone to close the window. If they aren’t home than the thermostat stays in energy saving mode until someone closes the door.

Through AI technology intelligent thermostats allow you to program the specific settings you want to use throughout the day. Intelligent thermostats learn from your energy usage patterns and adjust the temperature in your home accordingly. You can also manage the temperature settings through your smartphone to reduce energy usage.

Energy Savings Start Automatically Once You Secure Your House or When You Leave Home

How many times have you left on vacation and forgot to turn the thermostat back? It’s happened to all of us, but Geo-Services help in these instances. This feature of home automation uses the location of your smartphone to automate your heating and cooling.

Certain geo-fences are set through your system so when you cross one leaving town; the thermostat sets the temperature back. When you’re coming home and cross the geo-fence, it brings the temperature back up or down to your preferred settings. The house will be at the perfect comfort level when you arrive home.

Another great feature of these smart thermostats is that they can automatically set the temperature back once you secure the house for the night. There’s no need to worry if you forget to set the thermostat back before you go to bed. Alarming your system can trigger the thermostat to adjust the temperature as well as lower the window shades and turn the lights in the house off. This intelligent technology even lets you create “scenes” that perform all of these actions at once.

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These smart thermostats appear complicated, but they’re easier to use than many programmable thermostats. They also conserve energy making your savings significant. If you have any questions about smart thermostats or other smart home technologies, call Alarmingly Affordable today.

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