Why A Connected Smart Home Security Camera is Better Than DIY

Smart Home Security Camera

Everyone wants to save a buck or two, but your security system is not the place to cut corners. A professionally installed smart home security system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Connected security cameras can do much more than those you install yourself.

Burglars Hate Security Cameras

Burglars aren’t fond of security cameras. A University of North Carolina study looked at crime through the eyes of convicted burglars. The study reported that most burglars consider if their target has security cameras or an alarm when casing homes to break into. Many of these criminals said that if the first target had security cameras, they picked another one. Burglars can tell which homes have the best security systems and can usually tell the difference between professional and DIY.

Get Customized Alerts on Incidents Whether You’re Home or Not

This feature is very helpful. Unlike traditional security cameras or the ones you install yourself, cameras connected to your security system allow you to customize the alerts you receive. Even better, you can specify a time frame or only get alerts when specific events occur, such as motion on your front porch that the video doorbell picks up. It also saves you from being overwhelmed on alerts that aren’t important.

Some Security Cameras are Better Than Others

Connected security cameras can do so much more than other cameras. A truly connected camera connects to your smart home security system, and this gives you more incredible intelligent features. New cutting-edge cameras have features such as artificial intelligence where the cameras learn to distinguish patterns and the difference between a person, car, or object. You can also interact with these cameras and check on your property while sitting at your desk at work.

Also, with traditional security cameras, you can only access footage of an incident after it occurs. A connected camera is much more proactive, allowing you to manage your camera and security system from just about anywhere when it’s convenient for you. You can see what’s going on in real-time versus after a problem happens.

Now you know a few reasons to get that innovative smart home security system installed by a security integrator instead of doing it yourself.

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