New Neighborhood, New Apps: Meet Alexa and Friends

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Smart home technology allows you to automate your home’s systems to save money and protect your family. When you move into your new home, connect voice activation to your home security to control the various systems and devices in your house.

This technology allows you to use a mobile app on your smartphone to control the thermostat, view your home through video cameras, and more. While you’re at home though, voice control is the way to go. It’s incredible that such sophisticated and smart technology can simplify your life.

How Voice Activation Works

Voice activation remains asleep when you’re not using it which is great. You wouldn’t want the system responding to arbitrary commands when you’re talking to someone else.

To activate voice control, you need to wake it up. Select a phrase or word that isn’t common that awakens your system when said out loud. This command wakes up the computer, and it stands by for directions. These commands are scripts or macros that the computer searches for in its library. It finds a script that applies and then runs it.

Ask Alexa to Control Your Devices

Want to turn a lamp on in your living room? Just ask Alexa, Amazon Echo, or Google Home to, “turn the lights in the kitchen on.” You can control groups of devices as well such as saying, “Alexa turn off the lights.” Instead of going around to lock all of the doors in your house at night, just ask Alexa to tell the alarm system to lock the doors.

Change the Temperature Throughout Your Home

You can even use voice activation to adjust your thermostat by comfort level or value. By value simply ask Alexa to set the temperature to whatever you desire such as, “Alexa, turn the temperature to 72.” By comfort level ask Alexa to lower the temperature.

The ability to control your lights or lock your days without getting out of bed or your chair is impressive. In today’s fast-paced world, we need all of the assistance we can get and if Alexa, Google Home, or Amazon Echo can make life easier than that’s one more task off of your plate.

Steven Capogna
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