15 Cool Ways to Use Home Automation This Summer

Home automation technologies are more advanced and affordable than ever before, yet some still wonder how to fully integrate these technologies into their lives. With the technology evolving so quickly, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest advances. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to share a list of how some of our Alarmingly Affordable customers are using home automation to increase convenience, comfort, safety, and security.

Check out this list of our favorites and let us know if you are using it in other ways that could be added to our list.

  1. Lights dim when natural lighting increases
  2. Use different lighting scenarios to aid in setting mood, such as dimming to signal bedtime
  3. Schedule lights on to wake sleepers
  4. Have triggers set up so lights, music, tv, or other appliances turn on when the trigger is performed
  5. Set up audio zones
  6. Set up mood zones with both lights and music
  7. Lock doors automatically through triggers, or remotely
  8. Have doors unlock when the systems senses you are near
  9. Cause the garage door to close automatically if left open
  10. Limit the use of the television or other electronics
  11. Set up “mockupancy” scenes to make it look like there is activity throughout the home while you are away
  12. Create temporary access codes for guests and get texts when they are used
  13. Monitor the arrival and departure of children, guests, or service providers
  14. Implement an energy saving routine that turns off lights and other appliances automatically
  15. Detect leaks early so you can address the problem immediately

The ability to sense your arrival, adapt air temperature, unlock the door, and turn on the television may seem like something out of a si-fi movie but it is all possible today with home automation technologies. The right combination of smart technologies can create a seamlessly automated home with the ability to learn and adapt to your routines.

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