FOMO is a Thing of the Past

As busy parents, we juggle a ton of responsibilities. Work and other needful obligations take us away from home and as much as we dislike it, we can sometimes miss out on some to the everyday moments that make up the lives of our children. Even though we know we can’t be everywhere at once, FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out can’t help but creep into our lives.
The good news is that you can banish FOMO from your life with a surprising tool; your home security system. Sure, you got your security system with protecting your family and home in mind but it can help in many other ways, too. For parents wanting to stay truly connected to their children even while they are away, it is a technological dream come true.
Instead of having that sinking feeling every time the babysitter shares those special moments or spending time wondering what goes on while you are way, here is how you can use your home security system to banish FOMO from your life.

Separation Anxiety?

Your kids may be off to school and their day just fine but you miss them and worry about them every moment. We totally get it, and can completely relate. We want to be with our kids and know they are okay. Your home security system can be a great help in easing our own separation anxiety by allowing you to keep an eye on things remotely.

Stay Connected and Involved

We all know that feeling when missing even small everyday routine moments gets to us. It may be just missing them see them come home and sling their backpacks on the floor but to us it is everything. Now you can alleviate that feeling by tapping into their lives and seeing everything first hand and in the moment via your security cameras and app. Now you can see them come home and see every nuance of their day in real time.

It Helps Your Productivity

Nothing can ruin your productivity at work like worrying about the kids. With a quick check to see them for yourself you can put your mind at ease and put your energy back at work. Now, everyone is happy.

It Helps the Children Stay Productive, Too

Should the kids be doing homework, cleaning their rooms, or doing something productive? Without tapping into home security video, you have no way of knowing until you get home. With a simple tap on the app you can make sure to avoid the late evening rush when they save all of the todo list for when you get home.

Prevent Chaos

We all wanted to get away with breaking rules as teens so we know all the tricks of the trade. Your home security system can help ease your worry of some of the trouble kids can get into by setting up some serious roadblocks. Now when they tell you about what happened that day, you will know what else happened, too.

Parenting is hard but just got easier. Alarmingly Affordable provides custom home security and the tools to banish FOMO from Staten Island to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and the Hamptons.

Steven Capogna
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