Where’s Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage When You Need Them?

Since we can’t call in the Mythbusters, we will have to do a little smart security myth busting of our own. Unfortunately, it won’t involve any epic crashes or explosions, but it will be just as informative. Maybe we will test some super-hot Carolina Reaper Chilies (which rates at an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, by the way). But if you are anything like us, you are way more impressed with alarm signal transmission speeds and home automation technologies. So, we will just get to the important stuff—blowing smart home security myths right out of the water.

Smart Home Security Technology is Gimmicky

It never hurts to evaluate where technology is really going before jumping in, but this one myth that is busted for sure. Smart security and automation technologies are not new, they are just vastly improved, more widely used, and is now able to integrate many commonly used technologies.

They’re Too Expensive

This is one of the most common miss-held beliefs. It is a holdover from the early advent of security technologies when the components which comprised the systems were less common and therefore considerably pricier. As smart technology has become more common, the price of the components have dropped. Now there are systems to fit nearly every budget.

Security Systems are Complicated and take Too Long to Learn

Actually, the exact opposite is true. Even if you hate technology and are happy with a flip phone, you can master a smart security system within minutes. The beauty of them is that they are made to simplify systems, not complicate them.

You Only Need Them if You Have Expensive Items in the Home

It is always important to protect your belongings no matter the value, smart home technologies are not just about protecting property. They are also about protecting lives and preserving the safety and sanctity of the home.

Smart security and Automation Systems are Just for Security or Convenience

We will chalk this myth up to plain old lack of information. Home automation and security technology has a wide range of applications beyond security or convenience. These technologies can be used for improving energy efficiency, aiding in caretaking of elderly family members, or managing the home environment for loved ones with sensory issues, just to name a few.

Security Systems Aren’t Actually Deterrents

Every burglar calculates the risk before determining which house to hit. Getting away with your stuff without getting caught is their main objective. Having a security system increases the chances of getting caught so much that 50% of burglars polled said they would avoid homes with security systems in place.

While we won’t be blowing up anything any time soon, we do get to provide our NY clients specialized electronic security systems and integration and monitoring, which is a lot more practical in our everyday lives anyway. Questions? Give us a call.

Steven Capogna
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