Technology & Seniors: Living Better On Their Own

Technology today allows seniors to safely remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Remote monitoring services ensure that someone is always watching out for your elderly parents when you’re not close.

Smart Home Automation Combines Security and Wellness Care

Smart home automation and remote monitoring make it possible for a caretaker to receive text alerts that advise you if a camera picks up movement at the front door. You’ll also receive alerts if sensors placed on the bed can detect if there is significant movement at night.

Emergency pendants are another critical solution to help older Americans stay at home instead of moving to a nursing home. These pendants have a button that the person wearing it can push if they fall or have a medical emergency. They are monitored 24/7 by an alarm center that calls keyholders on a list and emergency services if needed. You’ll never have to worry about a family member falling and laying on the floor undiscovered for days.

More Comprehensive Solutions

Smart home solutions are becoming so comprehensive that they can even monitor the quality of life of the older adult as well as supply them with a sense of security. Systems like this assure caregivers that their aging family members are safe and always being watched.

These solutions are much more than just an emergency pendant. Sensors are placed around the house to monitor your family member’s quality of life. AI algorithms analyze activity information to learn patterns and routines so that the technology recognizes changes that put the senior at risk.

Wellness safety solutions also report changes in eating and sleeping patterns as well as emergencies, the frequency of bathroom visits, and even if the person monitored is taking their medications. The system monitors these patterns through sensors placed on refrigerators, beds, and medicine cabinets.

The Convenience of Automation

Smart home automation allows you to schedule rules that enable the system to take care of everyday tasks. It can automatically adjust the temperature, lock the doors, and turn off the lights at night. You never have to worry about your family member’s safety if they forget to secure the house for the evening.

Voice control allows you to issue commands to turn the lights on or off. This feature also lets your parents control the temperature and security system as well.

Remote monitoring and smart home automation provide the elderly with the ability to live at home safely. You’ll never have to worry about their wellbeing because your older family members are always being looked over by an intelligent security solution that alerts you if any problems arise.

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