Summer is Not Time to Chill on Home Security

Midway through summer we are all settled into a new, more relaxed summer routine. That’s great when it comes to having fun and enjoying time away. But—summer is no time to chill when it comes to your home security. Most of us take a more carefree approach to life during the summer months, spending time outside, having friends over, kids running in and out, and leaving the garage door open for extended period of times. All of these things can jeopardize your safety and throw some serious shade over your sunshine.
To keep your summer safe, fun, and carefree, remember to practice these smart safety precautions.

Secure the Perimeter

Securing your property line is your first line of defense so it should always remain a priority, even in the summer. The summer months present some unique challenges, such as gates being left open, landscaping thriving in the sunshine, and personal items being left in the yard.
To stay safe, keep landscaping trimmed so you always have a sightline from the home to the street. Use contact sensors to ensure the gates are closed each time behind the kids. Never leave items outside because personal items give away more information than you realize. Tools can indicate a home improvement project, and bike racks and luggage could mean you will be away for a while for example.

Don’t Leave the Garage Open

Criminals know that the garage is often much more vulnerable during the summer. It is just so easy to get called away while doing the lawn or forget to close it when getting summer gear out.
Make it a practice to close the garage door each time you open it and never leave it open for extended periods of time. If you are doing the lawn, take out your equipment and shut the door behind you rather than leaving your other possessions vulnerable while you are distracted by noisy equipment. Installing a smart garage door is a great summer project because when left open you can receive a text alert so you can address the problem.

Leaving Windows and Doors Open is Always a Bad Idea

It can be so tempting to leave the doors or windows open to enjoy the fresh summer air, but doing so can lead to real trouble. Open doors provide unobscured views into your home and unhindered access for thieves. If you must have a window open, restrict it to upper levels and only for a short period of time. Use contact sensors on doors and windows to remind you if they get left open, or alert you if they open unexpectedly.

Have fun this summer but remember not to relax your security. Alarmingly Affordable is here, 24/7, 365 securing the community so that it remains carefree.

Steven Capogna
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