Mobile Apps: the New Way to Manage Home Security

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These days, everything is designed to be automated. That’s a good thing, as a long as you are able to stay on top of what your automated services are doing. Mobile apps can be a great tool for staying on top of all of the automated tasks in your life: banking, bill paying, and even keeping your home secure.

After all, your home security system is made up of mobile devices. You want to know what all those devices are doing, and you don’t have time to log into an online account every day. By using a mobile app to manage your system instead, you can simply pull out the phone and tap on a single button to get a view of what’s going on with your home security devices. That includes your: 

Video Cameras

See what’s happening at your front door, on your back porch, or anywhere else your cameras are mounted. You can also get a video alert if someone is at the front door, which will prompt you to swipe on it so you can get a quick look.

Entry Points

Speaking of doors, you can know instantly if one of the doors on your home has been left open or unlocked. Using your app, you can then take care of the problem by locking it. This even includes the garage door, which can be part of your smart lock system.

Security System

Of course, the system itself is central to this automation. Your mobile app can also tell you if your system is armed or disarmed, so you can turn it on or off depending on when people will be awake in the home.

This is an app that was engineered around the idea of making home automation truly automated – something that can perform the functions you need on its own while being easy for you to manage at the same time. There’s no tedious logging in every time you want to check on your cameras, doors or alarm; there’s only a convenient tap or two on your home security app. Mobile apps are the new way to manage home security, and we’re behind that all the way.

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