Do You Believe These Home Security Camera Myths and Misconceptions?

Home security camera systems are more common than ever, but many myths and misconceptions about them prevail. Since security cameras are intended to enhance safety, what you believe about them can seriously impact the overall effectiveness of your security system.
If you are considering opting in to a home security system, or upgrading an existing one to help deter crime and keep your family and home safe, make sure you do not fall prey to these commonly held false beliefs.

Any Camera Will Do

Many people believe that all cameras will perform in the same way. They do not. Having a home security camera system is a great first step but it means little if the camera is not fit for the job. Security cameras come in a wide range of options, but no camera can do it all. It is important to know what you want the camera for and under what conditions it will be used when choosing one to fit your needs.

Security Cameras Can Do It All

Security cameras are like superheroes; they have specific superpowers that save the day when properly used. For example, a camera with facial or license plate recognition needs to be positioned to see what it is to identify. Cameras positioned in places with changing light conditions need cameras suited to various levels of lighting.

Camera Placement is a Breeze

Security camera placement is not something you can master after a few YouTube videos, and it is too important not to get right. Camera placement is science and requires a deep understanding of lighting, depth of field, camera capabilities and much more.

Dummy Cameras Deter Crime

While some criminals are foolish enough to end up on World’s Dumbest Criminals, most criminals are not dumb. They are skilled at what they do and can spot a dummy camera a mile away.
No Other Security Elements are Needed
Having a security camera system is an important part of home security, and certainly should not go without it—but it is one element of several. It is always best to layer your security using things like a monitored home security system, contact sensors, motion sensors, smart locks, and home automation technologies.

Security Camera Systems are Expensive to Own and Run

Security technologies have become so advanced and the market so competitive that security camera systems are astonishingly affordable, and the cost of installation and operation minimal.

Home Camera Systems are Just to Deter Crime

Although crime deterrence is a huge advantage, a home camera system is for far more than deterring criminals. Camera systems can help you know when the kids get home, a package arrives, or allow you to just check in on the home or home alone pets.

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