Home Many Security Cameras Should I Have?

Home security technologies have become more advanced, affordable, and widely available than ever before. They have been proven to be a crime deterrent and homes without security systems are as much as 300% more likely to be broken into than those with security systems in place. They also add untold convenience and peace of mind. There is no question that having security cameras is an advantage, but just how many should we have? It is a question many residents ask, and one we can help answer.

Here are a few valuable guidelines to help you determine how many security cameras you need to cover your home and property.

Outdoor Security Cameras

To determine the number of outdoor security cameras you need, first decide what aspects of your property you want to cover. It is best to have one camera that covers the front of the home and provides a perspective of the street. It is also valuable to have one that covers the back of the home and areas near points of entry. A larger property would need more cameras.

Entry Points

The most common place to place a camera is covering entry points. While it is a smart placed to have a camera, many criminals are ready to obscure their faces to avoid them so an entry camera should not be the sole security camera.

Choke Points

Use a camera with narrow-angle lens in choke points where a criminal would have to pass, such as a hallway. This makes avoiding the camera impossible.

Areas with Important Valuables

If you have a room that contains a number of items of significance and value, such as a media room, home office or game room, it is a good idea to have a security camera that covers the area, or the entrances to the area. For example, it is helpful to have the outdoor security camera covering the window and either a choke point camera or camera exclusive to that room.

Garage and Out Buildings

If you have a garage or outbuilding not able to be covered with a general outdoor camera, it may be another place to consider for security camera coverage. Evaluate the accessibility of the area and weather a trespasser would already pass other security cameras with the ability to capture clear images of their activity.

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