The Best Smart Home Security for Staten Island Commuters

The Best Smart Home Security for Staten Island Commuters

With around 22% of Staten Island residents making the complicated commute to Manhattan for work, whether it’s via the ferry or their own vehicles, there’s a commuter population in our borough that needs help making life simpler and more streamlined. Fortunately, we have home security to help. Staten Island commuters may benefit from these Alarmingly Affordable services, which can be integrated with a home security system at any time.

Smart Locking Systems

Traditional front door locks are dependent upon keys, but what happens when a family member loses theirs and can’t get in the house? It’s a commuter’s worst nightmare. Dropping everything to leave work early and rescue a stranded family member is noble, but there’s a better way: switching to a smart locking system for your front door. When we install this keyless entry device on your front door, the whole family can leave house keys in the past and have access to home anytime. 

Smart locks allow everyone in the household to use a numeric code to get inside; however, it’s also possible to lock and unlock remotely with your home security mobile app. This is the perfect solution when there’s a worker coming by the house or a package gets delivered. Simply unlock the door for them and lock it back up when they leave.

There are so many problems a smart locking system can solve for today’s busy commuters. 

Smart Doorbell Cameras 

If children are coming home from school on their own, commuting parents may be concerned about their safe arrival in the afternoon. A doorbell camera can solve this problem, by giving parents a clear view of the kids as they approach the front door. Likewise, any visitors they may have while you’re at work will be on camera so you’ll always know who’s coming over. 

If you sense anyone on your front porch is a security risk, it’s easy to talk to them through the two-way audio speaker built into the device. With powerful motion triggers, the doorbell camera doesn’t need a visitor to ring the doorbell for the camera to be activated. For all these reasons, the doorbell camera can be a commuting parent’s best friend. 

The best smart home security for Staten Island commuters should include these features. If you don’t yet have them integrated with your home security system, call Alarmingly Affordable today. We’ve helped countless commuters get more connected to home, and we can help you too. 

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