Chances are, you and your family are among the 100,000,000+ Americans who plan to tune in to the Superbowl this year. Some families are concerned about throwing a Superbowl party or leaving their home to watch the big game – but with your security system and home control, you don’t have to be. Here are some reasons why.


Let’s say you’re having the aforementioned Superbowl party, and a few too many “friends of friends” show up. Before you know it, there are at least 10 people in your house you don’t know – some of them with their kids. How can you be sure things don’t get out of hand? By checking on other areas of the home with your home control security system. Just pull out your smartphone and discreetly view the live video feed from your back door camera to see what the people hanging out in your backyard are up to.

And the kids? They’re gathered in the play room, where you have another camera installed. You and your spouse can even divvy up the responsibilities; you take the backyard, she takes the play room. And neither of you had to leave the game to do it!


But what if you aren’t watching the game at home and you’re headed to a friend’s house? In this scenario, your home control security system can be an even stronger ally. When the burglary crew that’s been casing your street all morning sees you carrying those chips and beer to the car, they know what that means: You’re going to be out of the house for the next three to five hours, and so are a lot of your neighbors.

Fortunately, you’ve already outsmarted him by setting your alarm schedule before you leave. And if you forgot? You can also set it remotely from the Superbowl party – and because of your motion sensor cameras, you’ll receive an immediate text alert if the bad guys approached your door.


This Superbowl Sunday, you don’t need to substitute home security for fun. Your home control security system lets you have both! To find out more about home control security systems, contact Park Security Systems.


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