Protecting Your Home at the Holidays

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a successful holiday season. To improve your chances of achieving one this year, follow these tips to keep your home protected from burglary and other crimes. 

Keep your system armed. 

The holidays are a time when we open our homes to family, friends and neighbors. When people are coming over for a night of celebration, it can be easy to forget about arming the home security system when they leave. This is a mistake, because criminals who stake out the neighborhood can view your hospitality as a window of opportunity. With remote access to your system from your smartphone, you can set the alarm from wherever you are — even from the comfort of your bed at the end of the night. 

Check your camera alerts.

Whether it’s a doorbell camera or other smart cameras watching over your home, it’s important to check your mobile alerts when you receive them. These notifications are designed to show you what’s going on at home when you aren’t there, so you can know right away if someone is attempting to snatch your package delivery, or snooping around for a key. With the two-way audio in a doorbell camera, you can issue a warning through your phone that the intruder will hear loud and clear. In most cases, this scares them away and discourages them from returning. 

Don’t advertise your home. 

Holiday travel is back this year, and many of us are excited to visit faraway loved ones. If you’re planning a trip, make sure your neighbors know you’ll be gone; asking them to pick up your mail, newspapers and package deliveries can ensure your home doesn’t advertise itself to burglars as they scour the neighborhood. You can also use the two-way audio on your doorbell camera to ask delivery drivers to leave packages inside, and use your smart lock to unlock the door for them remotely. Don’t have a smart lock yet? Ask us for details. 

The 2021 holiday season should be a time of joy and merriment. Protecting your home can help you enjoy yours to the fullest. 

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