Practicing Fire Prevention this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, and you want yours to be memorable for all the right reasons. Here are some tips to prevent the most common culprits for Thanksgiving house fires. 

Cook your bird safely.  

There’s no shortage of ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. If yours is going in the oven and you’re using a disposable aluminum roasting pan, start by making sure your pan has no holes, cuts or other openings. A turkey with grease dripping off it can quickly cause an oven fire. Once cooking begins, stay close by the entire time and check on your bird every 30 to 40 minutes (while also basting it to keep it from drying out). 

For those frying a turkey instead, the first rule is to never fry it inside the house. Frying a turkey involves a powerful burner and gallons of hot oil — so the only way to do it safely is outside, and not until the turkey is completely thawed out. Placing a frozen turkey into the fryer is very dangerous; start the thawing process the day before. 

Wait on a live tree.   

Thanksgiving may start off your Christmas season, but it’s way too early to buy a live Christmas tree. A real, cut tree bought in November will be completely dried out by December 25th — so, wait at least one more week if that’s the type of tree you want. Once you bring your tree home, water it daily to keep it from drying out. 

Of course, you should also make sure smoke alarm batteries are fresh so you will know right away if a fire is detected and the family can exit quickly.

Smoke alarms installed by Alarmingly Affordable detect flaming fires as well as smoldering fires, instantly sounding the alarm and notifying the fire department. 

Be a careful baker. 

At Alarmingly Affordable, we install smoke detectors that are sensitive to kitchen smoke for powerful fire prevention. To keep smoke out of the air while you’re baking your pies and treats, ventilate the kitchen by opening the windows and turning on the range hood fan. Don’t overbake, and turn your oven off to cool down in between batches.   

By practicing fire prevention at home this Thanksgiving, your whole family can enjoy a happier holiday season. For more questions on fire prevention at home or residential fire detection, call Alarmingly Affordable today. 

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