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It’s the time of year when we show a little more love than normal. But Valentine’s Day weekend isn’t just for the people we love; it can also be for the things we value most, like our homes. Here are the gifts home control technology can give this February.

A Window into Activity

When the web was new, we thought of it as our “window into the world.” But now that it’s such a regular part of our lives, what we really need from our technology is a window into our homes; this is especially the case for those of us who are unable to be there during the day.

With home control built into your system, you can have an instant window into your home so you can see the activity taking place when you aren’t there. That means watching your camera footage anytime you want, and receiving a video alert to your phone when someone is captured near one of the cameras. That includes when the kids come home from school and when a visitor is knocking on the door. And you can keep the clips stored, in case they are needed later.

Intuition and Customization

A top complaint about new technologies is a lack of intuition. The good news is, home control technology addresses that complaint by being intuitive to the user’s needs. One way it does this is memorizing the behavior patterns of your household, so you only get video alerts at unfamiliar times of day (like when everyone is expected to be out of the home during work or school hours, for example).

By doing this, your home control is only delivering alerts in scenarios that matter to you – rather than sending you an onslaught of alerts that may not be relevant. When you bring your new technology on board, you can customize your alerts to make sure this happens.

Motion Detection that Matters

Although a standard home security system comes with motion detection, the power of that detection is multiplied when home control is introduced. Motion detection is more intelligent with home control, and it packs an even bigger punch when you factor in the smartphone alerts you’ll get when your motion detectors are triggered. Whether it’s a break-in or activity around a protected area of the home, receiving an alert from your home control makes your motion detection really matter.

Environmental Hazard Alerts

Non-intrusion threats are equally important for you to know about as soon as they surface, and home control is designed to help you manage those hazards too. Naturally, that includes fire threats – but we’re also talking about everything from rising water in the home, to frozen pipes that will burst when they thaw, to lethal carbon monoxide in the air. Home control sends an alert to your phone as soon as those things are present, so you can intervene quickly and appropriately. Clearly, home control is a great way to show your home the love it deserves.

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