Love Your Dog, but Own a Security System

Love your dog but get Home Security

Everybody loves your family dog – even people who aren’t in your family. Everybody, that is, except for a criminal who aims to break into your home.

So, is the sight of the dog in your yard is enough to keep a criminal away? Unfortunately, it typically is not. Here are some reasons why.

Your dog’s senses aren’t infallible.

Dogs have unbelievably good hearing, smell and instincts. Even so, they can still fall short in the decision-making department. If you find yourself frustrated that he doesn’t operate like a “guard dog” should, then he falls even shorter.

Compare that to a professionally monitored home security system, which senses home intrusion precisely and dependably. At the monitoring center, your system is being monitored 24/7 so that help will be on its way as soon as an intruder is detected.

Your dog isn’t connected to the central station.  

Speaking of the monitoring center, your lovable pup isn’t “built” with technology that connects to it. But your security system is, and it will make sure a trained security agent is on the phone with you the moment the alarm is activated. The agent is already making sure help is on its way.

Your dog can be easily influenced.

Unlike a home security system, your pet can be influenced by a criminal. How? Usually, it’s as easy as dangling a delicious-smelling piece of food. And believe it or not, many criminals arrive with said piece of food in their backpack of tricks.

With your home security system, there’s a built-in feature that makes sure the system is still able to connect to the monitoring center if the alarm panel is smashed. That’s the opposite of your easily-persuaded pet.

Questions about electronic security solutions in your dog-friendly home? Contact Alarmingly Affordable to learn more about home security in Staten Island.

Steven Capogna
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