Burglars are a lot Like Sherlock Holmes, So Don’t Leave Clues

This might surprise you. Burglars are smart. So smart in fact, that they can look at your home and figure out your life just by the subtle clues you leave behind. They have Sherlock Holms level attention to detail but instead of using it to solve crimes, they use it to plan their break-ins and the strategy they will use once they get inside.

Of course, you would never knowingly give away the details of your life but could you be giving away more than you realize? The answer is yes. Here are nine ways burglars get information without having to strong-arm anyone.

Belongings Outside

Whether it is patio furniture or a bike on the side of the garage, every belonging tells a story of who lives in the home. A fine set of patio furniture and other decorations can tell the burglar you like the finer things in life. You probably work full-time and have a home office. A bike on the side of the garage can mean you have teens. That’s great, the burglar thinks, you will have an abundance of electronics.

Car Decals

The stickers on your car can also give away information about your family, schedule, and interests. From decals, a burglar can also tell things like how likely you are to have weapons in the home, whether anyone has military training, whether you travel and far more. All of these details give an idea of what is in the home and the level of danger ur hoe would pose to them.

Condition of the Property

A burglar looks to the condition of the property for clues. An expensive home that looks only recently neglected can indicate a change in the circumstances at home, which means the residents are probably not as likely to worry about security. An overgrown lawn can mean you are away on vacation. An unkept exterior can mean that you are rarely home and likely do not have a security system.

No Visible Signs of Security

People with home security generally do not want to keep that a secret, so if there are no visible signs of a security alarm system, video doorbell, or video surveillance the burglar sees it as an open invitation. Signs of security start at the property line with fencing, locked gate, and sightline to the street. If you are missing these and a security alarm system, you just made it to the top of the most desirable list.

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