3 Reasons Why Your Starter Home Still Needs Home Security

Our parents only wished they could know what was happening at home when they weren’t there (or when they were there, and not looking). These days, new homeowners can live out their parents’ dreams thanks to smart home security technology. Even starter homes are in need of this protection; if neighborhood crime is high, or the family has valuables that others would like to get their hands on, smart home security technology can be the key to protecting what’s yours. Here are some things to know about smart home security for your starter home.

It’s easy to manage.

Many new homeowners find that their system is easier to manage than their other household responsibilities. That’s made possible by a home security app, accessed easily on any smartphone or mobile device. It provides an instant portal to what’s going on in and around the home; wherever the connected cameras are installed, the homeowner can view what’s being recorded. Electronic locks can also be managed from the app, and the alarm can be armed and disarmed as needed throughout the day.

It’s highly customizable.

Smart home security systems can be configured in a variety of different ways. Some households require more cameras than others; some need more or fewer glass break sensors depending on how many windows are on the home, or different numbers of motion detectors based on how many doors there are. These are just a couple of key examples. An experienced home security provider will be able to customize a smart home system that works best for your home, your budget, and your family.

It’s accompanied by around the clock monitoring services.

Smart home security systems are monitored by trained security operators who follow strict, effective protocols for emergency management. When authorities need to be dispatched, they’re on it in an instant. Remember, many local police departments have policies that prevent them from responding to alarms that aren’t monitored; that’s why it’s crucial to maintain monthly monitoring of your home security system.

A smart home security system offers these benefits, in addition to a notification feature that sends alerts to your smartphone when security events happen. These, too, are customizable and can be paused when you would prefer not to receive them.

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