Welcome Home. Top Ways Home Automation Salutes Disabled Veterans

There is no question that disabled veterans deserve our utmost respect. They have risked all to preserve our freedom, and given up so much in the process. Often times that includes everyday freedoms they once enjoyed in their own homes. Today, veterans and their families can leverage the immense power of home automation technologies to make home, home again.

Home Automation Basics

Home automation sounds techy and super futuristic, and it is. Home automation is a network of connected systems and devices used to automate many household tasks. For a person adapting to injuries or disabilities, the technology can be transformative in the way they get to enjoy life at home.

Power to Overcome

The range of injuries veterans can incur are vast and can include things such as loss of limbs or mobility, vision and hearing loss, and emotional injury due to combat among a multitude of others. All of these injuries can change the way a person interacts with the home environment and their ability to easily maneuver tasks, which can be quite problematic and discouraging. However, in many cases home automation offers a solution to help overcome those challenges and restore ability as well dignity.

Dealing with Dexterity Issues

Many injuries come with problems with dexterity. This can make it difficult or impossible to manipulate small buttons, knobs, and switches. This makes many daily tasks unnecessarily difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Home automation technologies allow individuals to by-pass these tasks altogether by scheduling them or accessing and controlling them through an easy to use platform from their phone or other mobile devices, or via voice command.

Eliminating Mobility Challenges

Diminished mobility can make many tasks difficult or impossible. Home automation can, in many ways overcome mobility issues by making many tasks doable from one platform from wherever you are in the home, whether it is managing lights and entertainment to answering the door.

Providing Connection

Loneliness is one of the most debilitating factors in dealing with any kind of injury or disability. Knowing you are not alone, or that a loved one can check in to ensure that all is well can provide a huge comfort. If a person so desires, they can allow a loved one to access security footage from their smartphone to “be there” even if they aren’t physically on the property.

Alarmingly Affordable would like to thank all of those who have served our country for your service, your sacrifice, and your bravery. You inspire us to give our best.
If you would like more information on how home automation allows our heroes to adapt to home life with the strength, dignity, and independence they deserve, give us a call today.

Steven Capogna
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