The Ins and Outs of Gun Shot Detection Technology

The Ins and Outs of Gun Shot Detection Technology

The public areas that we enjoy every day are at risk of being the target of an active shooter. Mass shootings occur in our schools, shopping malls, and even at concerts. Fast response to these incidents is critical. Early detection can mean the difference between life and death. While the military has worked with gunshot detection technology for decades, it’s only recently that law enforcement, college campuses, venues, and other businesses have started to use it.

Understanding Gunshot Technology

The use of gunshot detection technology was first introduced in World War I and was also used in Iraq and Afghanistan to pinpoint sniper gunfire. However, today we use gunshot analytics to detect active gunshots and then immediately convey that information to law enforcement.

Gunshot technology software uses a combination of video surveillance with audio and is one of the best systems in airports, shopping malls, schools, and places that host live concerts. We need information that we can trust beyond the human ear. In extreme stress, a gunshot may sound like a car backfiring, or a book dropped on the floor.

This technology detects gunshots in seconds. The sensors activate video surveillance that provides police with critical information about the active shooter such as location and the type of weapon they’re using. Some security systems can also lock down buildings keeping people inside safe and isolating the shooter so he can’t escape. These systems integrate with the security systems that you already have in place, but a security plan is necessary to implement the technology.

Having a Security Plan in Place Provides an Immediate Course of Action

Getting a security plan in place or updating an existing one is the first step to having gunshot detection technology in your facility. When deciding to add gunshot detection, determine the capabilities of your current security systems.

Here are some things to consider when developing and implementing a security plan. What kind of communication will you have with law enforcement? Your plan should also address how to deal with the media during active shooter incidents.

Once you have the plan in place, don’t assume it will work. Have staff practice the it until you smooth out the kinks and know it will work. Training allows you to see where the weak points are and then address ways to correct the problems.

Advantages of Gunshot Detection

Rapid response is one of the key reasons to use gunshot technology. Gunshot technology can save many lives and is faster than 911 calls. Some of the newer systems not only detect gunfire but identify the type of weapon used.

Law enforcement can contain the incident quickly and apprehend the suspect before he leaves the area. Having gunshot technology in combination with advanced, monitored video systems provides police with accurate real-time information. While witnesses relay what they saw occur, the sense of fear and panic can distort aspects of their memory. However, a video surveillance system records the facts as they happen.

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