Can Home Automation Play a Role in Fire Safety?

Nobody wants to focus on all of the “what ifs” in life, but thinking about the possibility of a home fire can help you be proactive and ultimately either prevent a fire, or limit the damage caused by fire.  The fact is, a fire event can happen to anyone, in any home, at any time; and being prepared in every possible way is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Home Automation as Part of a Fire Safety Plan

So, you are very conscientious about fire safety and prevention. You have monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher located inside the house. You even have a fire escape plan and have practiced it with your family.  But can you do more? If you have a home automation system the answer is, yes. It is possible to use your home automation system to help prevent fire and minimize the damage caused by fire.

Home Automation Helps in Fire Prevention

We have all done it. We left the house and forgot to turn off the stove, coffee pot, or clothes iron. Or Perhaps we left the lights or heat on. All of these things pose potential to cause a fire. With home automation, you can check on enabled devices and turn them off remotely from your smart phone, tablet or PC and prevent the fire from happening.

Minimizing Fire Damage

What if you are not home and you get a notification from your monitored system that there is a fire event at your home? It feels better knowing that help is on the way, but is there anything you can do to help minimize the potential damage? One thing that can play a significant role in accelerating the rate at which fire spreads is air circulation. A running air conditioning or heating system can blow air on the flames, giving it an extra push to burn even more quickly. Using an app on your phone or other connected device, you can immediately turn off the air system and limit the amount of air circulation, and the amount of fire damage.

Home automation offers endless possibilities in making life simpler, but it can also offer ways to make life safer.  If you have any home automation questions, give us a call today. Alarmingly Affordable has over 30 years of experience proving unparalleled quality and service and offers state-of-the art security systems and support capabilities.


Steven Capogna
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