7 Practical Tips to Prevent Daytime Burglaries

When most people think of burglaries, they think of it happening under the cover of darkness. Sure, that happens. A lot. But did you know that in 2012, 40% of all home burglaries were committed in daylight? Only 20% of burglaries were committed at night, and the remaining the time of day was unable to be determined. One thing is sure, burglaries do happen in broad daylight and it is up to us to be aware and take preventative measures.

Burglars love the daytime hours because most people are away from home and residents expect to see others out and about, so seeing someone dressed as a service provider would not be unusual, for example. For some burglars, daytime burglaries are preferable for that very reason.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your home less attractive to the more brazen burglars. Here are our best tips for avoiding daytime burglaries.

Use Home Automation to Always Look Home

Burglars are reluctant to strike if they think there is a possibility someone may be home. Use home automation to simulate physical presence by having music streaming to different rooms, lights going off and on, or the tv turned on at various times.

Keep an Eye on Things Using Video Surveillance

Use your smartphone to tap into your video surveillance and check on your home throughout the day. If you detect anything unusual you may be able to head trouble off at the pass.

Change Your Routine

Most thieves will scope out a target before they strike to determine the best time to approach the target.make a note of your daily habits and find ways to change your routine daily from the time you leave for work, to the time you come home.

Set Your Alarm System

This may sound obvious, but many instances of burglaries happen when residents fail to activate the home security system.

Don’t Advertise What You Own

Never leave valuables in plain sight or visible from an open door or window. When you purchase new items, shred the box and throw it away where it is not a clue to thieves.

Make Your Yard Home Security Friendly

Trim back bushes or trees that can act as cover for burglars. Keep hedges trimmed low or replace them with lower profile plants. Alarmingly Affordable is the best way to ensure you receive high-quality products and services for your home or business. Whether you need a quote or just some home security and home automation advise, we are here to help.


Steven Capogna
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