Accomplishing Better Business Security with Access Control

At a time when shoplifting is on the rise, some Staten Island business owners are pledging to take security matters into their own hands. That may be understandable, but it’s not necessarily advisable. Instead, one question that frustrated business owners may wish to ask themselves is: “What do I want to accomplish for my business security — and is there security technology that can help me accomplish it?” 

Fortunately, there is. If you’re a Staten Island business owner frustrated by criminal activity, Alarmingly Affordable has security technology that can help — specifically, access control technology. Here are some security goals the right access control system can help you accomplish. 

Lockdown Plans 

Amid an active shooter scenario or other threats of violence, implementing a lockdown plan can isolate your building occupants and keep them safe from the perpetrator. With the right access control system from Alarmingly Affordable, you can quickly change settings to implement a lockdown plan. As the administrator, you can do this from anywhere (whether you’re onsite or away), using your own device. When the security threat is lifted, you can revert back to the standard settings in your access control system. When you contact us to inquire about access control, ask us how a lockdown plan can be based on various possible scenarios. 

Remote Locking

If smart locks are part of your access control installation, you’ll be able to automatically lock and unlock doors from anywhere using your own device, including your smartphone. Remote locking of a key entry point is something you may need to do for security reasons, even in the middle of a business day. An employee’s credential can unlock the door, unless you have a need to deactivate credentials temporarily until the security threat passes.

Remote locking and unlocking is a discretionary feature you can make available to your employees as well, if desired. 

Guest Pass Links

One of the most frequent objections to access control is, “What about when I need to let in repair workers or visitors?” We have that covered with guest passes. With a guest pass link, you can give guests the ability to enter your business during preset times. It’s as easy as scheduling a date and time that a person needs access; it does not need to be a time when you will be onsite, which is perfect for the night time cleaning crew and others who come in afterhours. Your system will send the guest a link on their smartphone that will enable them to enter at the scheduled time. 

These are some of the security goals Staten Island business owners can accomplish with the right access control system. To discuss any of them or to get started with access control, call Alarmingly Affordable this spring. 

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