5 Myths You May Have Believed About Home Security

Many people believe hiring a Staten Island home security company is expensive, complicated and unnecessary. But the truth is most ideas about security services are based on misunderstood or fabricated information. For your personal safety and the safety of those in your home, do not allow these fabrications to determine whether or not you invest in a service that has been proven to protect the personal property of homeowners and, in some instances, save lives. It’s entirely possible that some of the myths have been perpetrated by potential burglars who want to dissuade you from buying an alarm system.

Though it’s impossible to address all the misinformation that exists, here are a few of the most common myths about buying a home alarn system.

A Professional Alarm System Will be Too Expensive

The most common misconception among homeowners is that maintaining a security alarm in Hawaii is too expensive. In reality, there is a wide variety of security systems available for your home today. They range from the more affordable, up to the very expensive. The majority of alarms on the market are actually less than $100, and depending on the contract, some of the alarms are provided for free. The price that you come across is completely dependent on your own personal requirements for a home system.

I’ll Have to Sign a Long Contract

Another myth is that contracts for home security systems are very lengthy. This is simply not true. The longer your contract is, the lower your monthly cost can be, but that is standard for almost any similar contract. In most situations, the longest contract you will see is for three years. It is far more common to find a month-to-month contract that will fit your needs.

My Pet Will Set Off the Alarm

Some people are under the impression that owning a pet will make it practically impossible to rely on a home alarm system, because the alarm will constantly be triggered as the family pet roams around the house. Truthfully, motion sensors are among the many accessories available in a home alarm system, and many alarm systems incorporate a “pet friendly” motion detector. You can also have a motion sensor replaced with a glass breakage detection sensor for your windows. To set your mind at ease, be sure to inquire about these options when you speak to your home security installation specialist from Lifeline.

I Don’t Need an Alarm System; I Live in a Safe Neighborhood

When homeowners live in what is generally believed to be a safe neighborhood with little to no crime, they sometimes assume their home is safe from burglars. It’s better to be prepared for a break in, however, since many thieves will prey on your false sense of security. Studies show that thieves see most homes without alarm systems as likely targets.

Though modern home security systems have been around for decades, myths about this property- and life-saving service abound. Whether you choose to install a security alarm by yourself or hire a fire and security company, getting as much information as possible is the first step to making an informed decision.

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