Does Your Staten Island Home Security System Need a Spring Makeover?

While you are assessing your home for a fresh coat of paint or even a possible remodel this spring, how much thought have you put into your home’s security system? Over the past five years, the home security industry has seen some remarkable technological advances. From home management systems to energy savings and even video surveillance, is your existing system up-to-date?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

You upgrade your lawn, your décor, and even your barbecue set. What about an upgrade to your home security? Just like other technology, it is easy for your once state-of-the-art system to become obsolete. If you are not sure whether you need an upgrade, here are some new features available on the market—compare what you have and decide if it is time to call a security company.

  • Energy Management Systems – Home security systems today can now help you save on your energy bills. These home automation systems allow you to program the time your lights turn on and off, turn off appliances and lights remotely, change the temperature regardless of where you are, and even create customized rules. That means you could turn the heat down while you are away, and program the system to automatically start heating the house once again, right before you get home.
  • Access Control Systems – Do you know who enters your home and when? Whether you have young children or even a housekeeper, these unique access codes are given to each individual. When the code is used, it is recorded, telling you who was in your home and at what time.
  • Video Monitoring Systems – Video surveillance paired with a home security system gives you complete control over your home. From monitoring packages sitting on your porch to seeing when the kids come home from school, you can access live video, recorded feeds and even set up cameras to be motion-activated. With the latest technology, you can get alerts on your smartphone and check-in on your home from a tablet, PC or your phone while you are away.

The advances in home security technology are remarkable. If your home does not have some of these new features, call your local home security experts and get an assessment. Alarmingly Affordable can offer you a no-obligation, in-home estimate to upgrade your existing home security system.

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