Back to Real Life: Security Essentials for Busy Parents

Back to Real Life: Security Essentials for Busy Parents

Back to school means back to real life. There are plenty of necessities to buy, such as new clothes for the kids. However, there are purchases that protect your family and property, save you money, and increase the value of your house, such as smart home security.

No More Spare Keys

smart home security system with smart locks allows you to get rid of all the spare keys you have hidden outside the house. Assign a different user code to every family member, and they can come and go using their access code. There’s no more worrying about lost house keys or criminals finding a spare and letting themselves in. If someone forgets their code, they can ring the doorbell camera, and you can unlock the front door remotely.

Your Security System Keeps Up with a Growing Family

You can continue to improve and add security products to your alarm system as your family grows. Your security integrator knows just how to customize a system to fit your needs and leave room to expand in the future.

The products update with new features regularly right through the cloud. There’s no stress involved in keeping your system up to date and running smoothly.

Smart Home Security Watches Your Back with Security Reminders

It’s easy for the kids to forget something when they’re in a hurry to leave. They may forget to shut the garage door or set the alarm. Create reminders, and the system sends an alert to your smartphone every time someone forgets to secure the house. Simply tap the button included with the reminder, and you can lock the door and set the alarm remotely.

Keep Up with the Kids While Still Giving Them Independence

As the kids get older, they seek independence, but you still worry about them. Get visual check-ins when you set up smart video clips. A set action such as the front door opening triggers the security camera to send you smart clips, letting you know what’s going on at home. You can also program the security system to notify you of other events. Like your daughter not getting home on time or someone playing video games too long.

Smart home security keeps up with a growing family to provide security without being overbearing. You can lock doors, shut off lights, and other actions no matter where you are.

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